Our New Mini Meditation Series

As you approach meditation or mindfulness, the first thing to note is that you already practice mindfulness techniques, so this is something that you absolutely have access to, and are capable of. ...
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The New Age of Cannabis

You can be successful and still smoke weed. Welcome to the age of the thoughtful, successful stoner. Women are taking the reins in the cannabis industry (even if it may not feel that way all the t...
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Womxn... Should I Use This word?

Gender and sexual orientation are something we each experience and interpret for ourselves. Each of us recognizes what we feel inside, embraces what we can, tries to change limiting beliefs, an...
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Building a Culture for a Lifestyle

The internet is a jungle. Knowing who to trust isn’t easy. Everything I love goes into creating this space I call iridaeza. 2020 was crazy, unexpected and weird, but being home all year showed ...
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How to Clean Your Piece

    Keep it squeaky clean, it's better for your lungs 🌬 & your high 😎. When you purchase a piece, we send you this as a little card so you can follow along with ease! Remember to not clean all...
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