Empty your mind, and fill it with what you practice.

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What can we work on in coaching sessions? 

Anything and everything- work//career, relationships, depression, anxiety, any type of transition in life. It all comes down to feeling better, and being able to reorient yourself more easily to what benefits your life.

Learn how to get underneath negative and unproductive thoughts and beliefs so that you can move through the world with more authenticity. 

We will use meditation and mindset journaling to get underneath the surface of your everyday, internal, thought habits. We will work toward discovering all the parts of you that unconsciously influence you, in all that you do.

We will build new ways to communicate with and understand yourself, which means living with a more authentic and fulfilling life! 


Change and growth - aka building the life you desire - takes energy, effort, and time, and it won't happen if you don’t start, and keep going.

Stepping into who you know you can be, and shedding the layers of "who you think you should be" can be lonely. There will be people in your life, ones who love you and want the best for you, that may not understand why you would choose to change, or go after something they never would. 

The more growth you desire, the more support you require. Stepping into your most authentic self is exciting, and also, at times, overwhelming. 

Learn how to align yourself again and again with what you desire. Trust in your ability to answer what calls to you.


“Emma creates an open and inviting space to explore meditation. Whether this is your first time, or you practice regularly, her guided meditations focus on bringing awareness to your body and breath. I've enjoyed getting to experience her sessions both virtually and in-person, and look forward to more opportunities to share her gifts with others." 
—Livia Marati, Founder of Ina Wellness Collective, Health Coach, Yoga Instructor

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Why you? Why now?

You're ready for more 






purpose-driven action

clarity, in your thoughts and your relationships

You're ready to create healthy thought-habits that support you living your most authentic life aligned with all that you desire.

You're ready for less

fighting with yourself

belittling yourself

not understanding why a certain pattern keeps happening 

being alone on this journey of life





You're ready to acknowledge and work through what holds you back from living your best self. 


"There is a flow and resonance to working with Emma that has allowed me to feel in true alignment with my desires."
– Amber Word, Founder of Inward Direction, BodyTalk Practitioner, Sound Healer, Nutritional Consultant


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Why me?

My biggest passion is supporting you in what lights you up! I want to see that spark of inspiration in everything you do, in all the ways you move through the world. My desire is to help you achieve understanding of the underlying belief patterns that hold you hostage, and help you move through these with compassion.

Knowledge is power, wisdom is knowledge, wisdom is within. 

You know what you need, I help you listen and take action with more confidence and clarity. 

My style of coaching is support & accountability; a focused container to get you into alignment with what serves you, and move you away from what doesn't. 

I have a background in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Weave these together and we get transformational mindset work.


What's next?

Send me a message, and we'll find a time chat to see if we're a good fit to work together, and I'll send you more information after that! You can ask any questions, and we'll connect on a personal level that supports growth and community. 


I look forward to connecting with you!


Purchase the course, Pragmatic Practices, an online, on-demand video series for practical, everyday, lifelong practices for more peace of mind, focused attention, presence + awareness, mindfulness & meditation.


A few years ago I found myself craving support and direction, and I didn’t know where to turn. I knew I needed community, to take action on ideas, to continue to work towards what I want for my life, but it felt like I was in quicksand & I just didn’t know what to do.

I finally found change, & motivation & support & follow-thru, that stuck with me when I started working with coaches. I still get challenged with sticky thoughts, but experiencing growth firsthand with this work, I just trust it, and I’m here for it. And I’m here for you. 

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With gratitude,

Emma, your Meditation + Mindset Coach

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"I’ve been meditating daily since 2016; on my own, using guided videos, and in small group settings, but I have never experienced as profound a moment as when I sat with Emma in her guided meditation and journaling session.
The awareness that was created with Emma’s journaling prompts was deep, and my cleared mindspace allowed for ego-free writing.
I also brought a friend to Emma’s class who had never meditated before, and she was gifted with a powerful, and emotional experience that I’m quite sure is the beginning of a new relationship with healing her body and mind.
- Ashley Rose, Founder Ashley Rose Designs, Intuitive Artist


Purchase the course, Pragmatic Practices, an online, on-demand video series for practical, everyday, lifelong practices for more peace of mind, focused attention, presence + awareness, mindfulness & meditation.