"Emma creates an open and inviting space."

❃ You're ready to take your life into your own hands- even more than you already do
❃ You're ready to uplevel your thinking
❃ You're ready to uplevel your routines, using your intuition
❃ You're ready to get to underneath your overwhelm, worry, stress, fatigue
❃ You're ready to trust that you can move through everything, and truly create the life you desire and deserve
My 3-step, 6 week, online program, Integrated Inspiration, is designed to bring what inspires you, what lights you up, to the forefront of your life. Through meditation, journaling and group discussion, we will experience and unearth what's deep within you. Knowing how to do this work will serve you for always. These are tools for life. 
MEDITATION CLIENT "I was surprised that I didn’t struggle with the length of the meditation! It was very rejuvenating. My dad was a hypnotherapist for years and this meditation was as relaxing as one of his hypnosis sessions"

COACHING CLIENT "Emma creates an open and inviting space. Whether this is your first time exploring mindfulness, or you practice regularly, her focused sessions bring awareness to your life."

Are you ready to integrate what inspires you to transform your entire life- how you interpret and interact with the world, yourself and your loved ones? (I know you are!)
Schedule a CONSULTATION CALL today to learn more, and if you're ready to go, sign up now.


There are only 10 spots available this round.
Starting Tuesday, October 17th, we'll spend 6 weeks together unlocking and reorienting your mind's habits toward what truly serves your highest goals and wellbeing.

Do you wish you had a higher quality of life- with less worry, stress, fatigue?

Customized to meet you exactly where you are, my 3-step method, INTEGRATED INSPIRATION, is your blueprint to create just that.

Say goodbye to old ways of thinking forever.

What the Program Includes


We'll start with the HOW TO get underneath it all. I'll teach you how to work with what's happening underneath the surface of your everyday movements- especially the movements of the mind. We will do this through meditation + mindset journaling. 

Curiosity, along with mindfulness, is THE WAY THROUGH. When we know what questions to ask, we know how to work with what we have, and how to change it with kindness (and often a some sternness.)


They say that we are what we think. Which is why I'll help you uncover what thought-habits are sabotaging your day to day, as well as big picture desires, and turn your thinking-mind into a powerhouse for your wellbeing, integrating your inspiration to serve you in all ways, all the time.

Habits start in the mind, with our thinking. Learn my strategy for living with a strong mindfulness practice that starts within, and radiates out to everything you do, and to everyone you know and love.

Uplevel your wellbeing routines and connect more authentically to what ACTUALLY SERVES YOU. Meditate with more direction, clarity, stamina, and EASE. As we spend 6 weeks together, not only will you meditate with more direction, clarity, etc, but you will be able to see yourself through these lenses as well. What we practice is who we become. Integrating this practice will allow you to open up to ALL OF THE THINGS YOU DESIRE. You will be IN FLOW with what you seek, and what is seeking you. 


Each week we will meet in group AND every other week for 30mins one on one. 
In these sessions we will get deep into the nitty gritty of what you want to cultivate, what stands in your way, and setup next steps for right action. I will ask tough questions, and be a mirror for your experience and beliefs.
If you're here, I know you're ready for it. The freedom that you seek comes from within. 
〰️ Our 1:1 sessions will be a phone call.
〰️ Group sessions meet on Zoom each Tuesday.
〰️ Each group session will be recorded, so if you need to watch them on your own time you can still participate in this program!


*You're new to meditation*
*You're familiar with meditating and want to deepen your practice*
*You want to create healthy mindset habits*
*You want to create something new in your life*
*You want to move through the things that hold you back from true abundance*
*You want more peace and ease of mind*
*You want to understand yourself and how you relate to your relationships, with all things*


This offer closes its doors on Tuesday, October 10th

Do you wish you could do more of what you love—and less of what you don’t? Life is a series of knowing what to say "yes" and "no" to, and to BE in this state of knowing is where the magic is.

I've customized INTEGRATED INSPIRATION to meet you exactly where you are, so that you can be exactly where you want to be, always.