Our hearts are heavy and our words aren't always clear, but we want to speak to and let you, our clients, our customers, our soul-seeking and co-creating humans, know that we care about the larger societal picture we're a part of; that we're here standing in solidarity with our Black, Asian, IPOC and LGBTQQIP2SAA community members. We are in active learning mode, always and in all ways.

With that being said, we know that we can't only be learning, that we have to be taking action as well, so here are some ways we show our intention as we grow as a business and as individuals. 

-We are committed to working with Black, Asian, IPOC and LGBTQQIP2SAA community members.

-We seek to make all iridaeza blog and social media channels spaces of acceptance and growth. No opinions that reinforce oppression will be tolerated.

-We carry and source products from Black, Asian, IPOC and LGBTQQIP2SAA peoples and businesses.

-We donate to black community efforts. We currently have an ongoing notebook donation to YAWS in Humboldt County, CA. For every notebook sold, we donate one to their community efforts. 

-We donate our time in the form of teaching meditation and mindfulness to the above groups mentioned. If you, or someone you know, belongs to any of the communities stated above we would love to donate a meditation or mindfulness class, and we’re always looking to be more involved in this way! Please let us know if you’d like to collaborate!