Emma is a Certified Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Yoga Instructor. 

Her focus is on meditation and mindset coaching- specializing in personal development meditations, mindset journaling, & techniques for living a more engaged & fulfilled life.

She teaches meditation based in self-compassion, mindfulness, and body awareness techniques. Journaling is a staple in her teaching as it is a way to bring the subconscious to the conscious light. Her coaching is designed to help you feel empowered and aligned- knowing how and when to make the best decisions that serve your true desires. 

Meditation is a lifelong practice that opens you to more confidence, clarity and inspiration in all areas of your life. 

Emma has taught all levels at private retreats, special events, corporate/business wellness, and community studios. She is always working on more digital and in-person courses and classes, so stay tuned.

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A note from Emma, 

I am here to get you to get under the surface of who you think you are, and what you think your life is supposed to look like. At the same time, I am here to help you create exactly who you want to be, and the life you want to live. But we cannot get you there if you can't see through the conditioning you've held on to. 

I ask the tough questions, the quirky questions, the questions that will throw you for a loop, and I hold deep empathy and understanding for all that comes up. Using meditation, journaling, and curiosity, we will dive deep together, creating personalized goals and processes for your specific journey.

Over the years I have sat at 10 day silent retreats where I have experienced profound change to who I am and the constructs of my belief patterns that held my mind in bondage. I have spent over a decade traveling around the US, and some around the world, and this has lent me a couple things 1) the compassion and *knowing* that WE ARE ALL ONE, and 2) WE CAN HAVE EVERYTHING WE SEEK- it just may not be exactly what we thought it was, or it may not be exactly what we thought it would look like. 

One of the biggest hurdles I jumped through in my mind was platonic (not romantic) jealousy or fomo (fear of missing out). It was something that made me devalue myself and my experiences. It created a soil in my mind that only allowed for surface level connections because I was afraid that if I let someone in they would only turn away from me and enjoy someone or something else more.

And because of this I was living in fear of being seen. 

It took years of work, internally and externally, but being seen is now one of my favorite things, and it's the cornerstone to my continued growth. I can now enjoy not only sharing myself with others, but I enjoy them enjoying what and who they love, even if I have nothing to do with it.

For some of you, this may come easy. It did not come easy for me.

Every single day it's amazing to me how the mind can change to improve your life! This is the practice- to see yourself, to know yourself, to grow. 

With gratitude, Emma 



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