Our New Mini Meditation Series

Our New Mini Meditation Series

As you approach meditation or mindfulness, the first thing to note is that you already practice mindfulness techniques, so this is something that you absolutely have access to, and are capable of. Mindfulness comes in many forms, and is all around us. Meditation is just a concentrated form. 

Why meditate if mindfulness is all around us?

Are you familiar with the idea, 10,000 hours? The idea is that you have to practice something in order to be good at it. Mindfulness can be accessed at any point, but it's benefits are much more potent and effective when you spend time cultivating your access to it, as well as being in it. Sitting in meditation, awareness of what is, gives you the understanding of how to get underneath it all -the thoughts, emotions, and stories- relieving stress and helping you feel more engaged in each and every moment. 



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