Livia Marati

Livia Marati

Livia is based on the island of Guam. She offers sessions in person and virtually.

Contact her to learn more & schedule!

Livia is a Holistic Health Coach and a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor. As the founder of Ina Wellness Collective, she creates and hosts virtual and pop-up wellness events, immersive retreats, corporate wellbeing programs, as well as offers holistic health coaching programs.

Ina Wellness Collective: “Based on the beautiful island of Guam, we create local wellness experiences designed to light you up. We are a collective of individuals who are passionate about helping people holistically reconnect with their bodies and themselves. Through thoughtfully designed events, retreats and programs, we promote wellness in all of its forms, from yoga and movement, to meditation and breathwork, to the healing power of food and plants. Our experiences encourage unplugging from technology and reconnecting with the natural beauty of Guam.”


“Never be afraid to dive inward. Your soul will catch you.” – Unknown


Start small! Holistic lifestyle changes can be easy (and enjoyable!):

Go back to basics- focus on eating whole, organic, non-processed, seasonal foods

Hydrate! – the simplest thing we can do to improve our health and mood

Mindfully eat- slowing down and actually chewing your food

Dedicate time each week that’s solely for you – a workout class, beach time, gardening, etc.




Anything from the Fanggái’ase’: Conscious Living and Compassionate Eating Cookbook – a plant-based cookbook of vegetarian-adapted traditional recipes.

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